Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Green Peas


Green peas belong to the family of legumes. You will be surprised to know that the almost ninety five percent of the peas that are sold in the market are frozen peas. Canned peas can also be found in the market but the nutrients in them tend to get lost but same is not the case with frozen peas because it retains almost all the nutrients of the green peas. The amount of sodium that is present in the frozen peas is very less.  Green peas are the most popular varieties of peas. Peas containing firm pods should be purchased. The color of the peas should not be overtly green. The pods which are white or yellow in color should be avoided. You should touch the pods to verify whether there is adequate number of peas inside them or whether they are empty. The green peas should always be kept in a refrigerator as in the room temperature the sugar which is present in the green peas gets converted to starch. You can always find green peas in the market as they get cultivated in many parts of the world and then its gets exported. To preserve the green peas for many days you should not wash or peel them before keeping it in the fridge.
Nutritional Facts
Green peas can be added in salads and boiled green peas are also very popular. Green peas weighing hundred grams have the following nutritious substances:

• Calories: 81
• Protein: 5.5 g
• Magnesium: 32.9 mg
• Carbohydrates: 14.8 g
• Iron: 1.6 mg
• Sugars: 6 g
• Fat: 0.5 g
• Potassium: 245 mg
• Riboflavin: 0.12 mg
• Calcium: 24.9 mg
• Zinc: 1.3 mg
• Fiber: 5 g
• Vitamin C: 39.9 mg
• Phosphorus: 107 mg
• Green peas are good for diets which are aimed at losing weight.
• Relief from constipation can be received by having green peas as it has fibers in it.
• The level of energy in the body can be kept at an optimum level by consuming green peas.
• The immune system is improved by eating green peas as it contains iron.
• The health of the bone can be enhanced by consuming green peas.

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